Friday, June 11, 2010

Planet PTC (a new era in the PTC/User experience)

I mentioned in my day 1 update that PTC would be taking over financial support for PTC/User World Event conferences. Upon hearing the news my immediate concern was that these very educational seminars would quickly become a canned PTC marketing event. I was specifically concerned that the “independent voice” of users would be thrown to the curb and replaced with a controlled forum for PTC to push their products to customer management (completely bypassing those with the keyboard and mouse in their hands).

Now, after further discussion with PTC employees, PTC/User board members and longtime conference attendees I feel much more comfortable about the new future of the conference. I will go so far as to say that there is a sense of excitement towards a new era of the still “independent” PTC user voice.

PTC and the PTC/User board are quite aware of these concerns and will be sure to ease these apprehensions by providing a quality event year after year.

This new experience will be called Planet PTC. It will be provided in 3 forms:
  • Planet PTC Live: the new name of the PTC/User World Event
  • Planet PTC Community: the online “community for PTC customers and everyone dedicated to product development excellence”
  • Planet PTC Virtual: a series of virtual educational seminars

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